Mickoski: Macedonia will have its fourth Ilinden


We must restore principles and standards. There must be a change because Zaev is falling brutally, and he wants to withdraw us all with him. Well, we will not allow that. No more falling. The people must no longer be victims of the mafia, business must be liberated, criminals must be held accountable, and people must be given hope and vision. I will fight bloodily for each one of you and together we will build everything that these destroyed. Macedonia will have its fourth Ilinden and will be a prosperous country, and we will return the hope that it can do better. Dawn will strike for our country as well. And VMRO-DPMNE will have it more and more often on the streets, villages and cities, among its people. The Macedonian spring is being born, said Hristijan Mickoski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE, at today’s event in Mogila of the undefeated in Prilep on the occasion of the Day of Victory over Fascism.

According to Mickoski, these are decisive moments for our country when deciding whether to step deeper into the swamp or take a step to leave the mud behind us.

“Politicians who have violated the law by doing crime or have been amnestied for crime must be banned from engaging in politics. We must fight hard against the corruption of every free inch. We must examine any disproportionate enrichment on the backs of the people. The European path must be accelerated through a reasonable policy that will bring results, to explain to the people in advance what we can do, where we will go and what we will do. The dignity of man in healthcare must be restored, to be the main struggle, what kind of new machine, what kind of new device we will procure, and not whether there will be deficiencies for patients and doctors”, said Mickoski.

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