Government talks about economy, while 6,200 companies had to shut down last year


Could the fake rosy image hide the truth about the economy?, asks the Committee on Labor and Social Policy, Demography and Gender Issues of VMRO-DPMNE.

The Committee says that SDSM led by ZoranZaev boasted that in the past three years it supported 800 companies with 70 million euros through the Economic Growth Plan, that the average salary has increased and the unemployment rate is decreasing.

“What kind of economic growth are they talking about? Does SDSM know that in 2020 6,200 companies had to shut down, and over 28,000 companies have been closed during their four-year rule. 42 million euros out of the 70 that they are proud of funds that are allocated through the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, the same Fund “with an excellent image”, which distributed funds for projects of companies where people close to the government were involved such as: Nikola Memov, Jovan Despotovski, KochoAngjushev, CvetankaLaskova, HariLokvenec for very interesting “innovations”, says the opposition party.

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