Miteva: The country’s security is under serious pressure, SDSM is in cooperation with the underground


The country’s security is under serious pressure after the shooting in Skopje Butel, adding that SDSM should give an answer why senior SDSM officials are close friends with criminals, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva told Radio Lider on Friday.

“What I find concerning is that again the people who committed such an act are close friends of SDSM officials and SDSM should give an answer why they continuously have friends and pictures for which purpose they meet such people. Here is how we see the man who died in that unfortunate fight is a friend of the mayor of the Municipality of Butel. He made the statement that he was indeed his close friend and that he had not seen anything bad from such a man. The security of the state is under serious pressure and responsibility should be taken for such events on the streets in the Republic of Macedonia,” Miteva said.


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