There is no benefit from the envisaged reforms in education, only problems


The only time we met with the Minister is a parliamentary debate, I think it is known to the public, when on one side were the creators of the concept and the Minister, and on the other side were part of VMRO-DPMNE and the professional public in Macedonia. Unfortunately, that parliamentary session, which was nice and there were arguments, where many good ideas could be heard, and constructive criticism, of course, remained without conclusions, because we cannot agree, ie the Minister persistently believes that the concept and reforms which will be successful, and we argue that they cannot be successful, “said Vesna Janevska, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Committee on Education and Science on a political show on Alfa TV.

Janevska added that Carovska’s reforms will not only be unsuccessful but will contribute to a bigger problem in education and to the poorer success of students, and teachers will be endlessly tormented.

“The creators of Carovska’s reforms are a group of people from the Bureau for Development of Education and a group of professors who, in my opinion, at least I understood that, were arbitrarily elected, so the minister thinks she should elect them, and she said at that session that they have experience “, added Janevska

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