Spasovski show gratitude for the support and congratulates colleagues of party leadership on their re-election


SDSM Vice President Oliver Spasovski, after being re-elected as party vice president at Monday’s party congress, thanked SDSM leader Zoran Zaev for the given support and confidence for another term.

Spasovski also congratulated Lukarevska on her election as a new party vice president, as well as on his colleagues Bytyqi, Carovska and Filipche as vice presidents.

“Thank you for the confidence given by our leader Zoran Zaev for another term as SDSM vice president. Congratulations to Sanja Lukarevska, Fatmir Bytyqi, Mila Carovska and Venko Filipche, I wish them success and joint victories. As the leadership of SDSM, we are committed to new policies, to justify the trust with the maximum of ourselves and to respond to every challenge with honesty and professionalism, in the interest of the citizens and the state, as befits the most democratic and most progressive party in our country,” states Spasovski.

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