VMRO-DPMNE: Lukarevska protects Zaev’s companies, Nikolovski chases after butter instead of crime, Filipche goes after commissions in the midst of a pandemic – these are not fresh faces


Sanja Lukarevska who protects the companies owned by the Zaev family, Nikolovski who chases after butter instead of crime and Filipche goes after commissions in the midst of a pandemic are not new people. Zaev’s companies are at the top of the list of VAT debtors every quarter, and we have not seen or heard of any action from the PRO. That is Sanja Lukarevska, Zaev’s executor, stated opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“Ljupcho Nikolovski couldn’t find himself in any of the positions. He ruined agriculture, so they made up a new position, where he goes after butter instead of crime. Venko Filipche, from being a good doctor, was reduced to being  Zaev’s support. Instead of going after vaccines, he went after commissions in the midst of a pandemic. Bytyqi did not bring any investments. We have 6,200 closed companies and 60,000 unemployed. Carovska is being stubborn with the whole country. Against the will of students, parents and teachers are pushing a project that will benefit only those who will make purchases and no one else, says the opposition party.

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