Government offers negative opinion on the Law onsingle election district


The Government gave a negative opinion on the Draft-Law on Amendments to the Electoral Code, which should introduce a single election district and thus smaller parties would have a better chance of winning more MP seats if they act independently.

The proposal for a legal solution was submitted by: LDP MPs Monika Zajkova and BobiMojsoski, DS MPs PavleTrajanov, DOM, MajaMoracanin and MiroslavBogdanovski, Levica’sDimitarApasievand BorislavKrmov, VMRO-NP Baljoski MP from the Coalition led by SDSM PanchoMinov.

The negative opinion was submitted and signed by the First Deputy Prime Minister ArtanGrubi, and it says that a general consensus is needed and that a wider debate of the working group with the parliamentary political parties is planned. Due to this, the Government proposes to the Parliament not to adopt the law.

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