National Federation of Farmers opposes the sale of agricultural land


As representatives of farmers and small agricultural holdings, we have never agreed to pass laws through which the sale of agricultural land will be carried out. We did not agree with the adopted Law on Sale of Agricultural Land in 2013 and we thought that it should be repealed. In our opinion, it is a bad policy to sell agricultural land and convert agricultural land into construction land, said the National Federation of Farmers, which prepared an analysis of the implications of the process of selling agricultural land on agriculture and rural development.

“Agricultural land, as a basic and necessary factor for the production of agro-food products, is a good of general interest and all countries within the agricultural policies build a special land policy that protects and regulates its use primarily for food production. In the structure more than 40 percent of the total arable land, and about 80 percent of the pastures are state-owned. State land is an important resource that must be preserved and managed as a “good host”, because proper management will determine the future state of agriculture and rural development, and must be preserved because it is a legacy of previous generations, which as “We are borrowing a non-renewable resource from the next generations, to whom we must leave it as a legacy,” said the National Federation.

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