Food holds highest prices in the past seven years


The latest May data also show an increase in prices, and thus an increase in the cost of living. The National Bank has already increased the inflation projection this year – to 2.2 percent.

Edible oil prices continue to rise. After March, and in April, the statistics registered an increase in the cost of living by 2.2 percent compared to the same month last year, and compared to March the growth is by 0.7%. But what is noticeable is that on a monthly basis there are higher growth rates in basic food products.

Cost of living April / March

Oil and fat 10.8%, Liquid fuels 15.6%, Fruits 4.2%, Vegetables 4.4%, Transport services 4.3%, Air transport 9.8% (Source: State Statistical Office)

The increased cost of living is determined by the price growth, so the latest data show that in April compared to the same month last year, retail prices increased by 3.7%, mostly non-food products and tobacco by 6.8% and industrial products by 5 , 1%.

The growth of prices will continue, but still the inflation will remain moderate – assures the National Bank, which for this year revised the inflation forecast to 2.2%

Cost of living (according to the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia) – April: Food and beverages 14,332.46 denars, Housing 10,809.32 denars, Hygiene 2,386.00 denars,

Transportation – 2,503.83 denars. The rest of the costs are for clothing and footwear, culture and health.


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