Zaev: I cannot say with certainty that I am not afraid of Greater Albania


I still worry about non-papers on resolving the Kosovo issue, because not all wounds have healed. The region’s slow EU integration gives rise to non-papers and other radical ideas, Prime Minister ZoranZaev said in an interview with Serbian newspaper ‘Kurir’.

Asked if he was afraid of war, the prime minister said he hoped there would never be more wars.

We need to expand our path of integration because it gives us a future, he said.

Asked if he was afraid of “Greater Albania”, which includes part of Macedonia,  the Prime Minister said he could never say “no” with certainty, but that would be difficult to happen in Macedonia because it is a NATO member and with every threat to our territory and integrity, Article 5 of the NATO Treaty would be activated, which would protect our country – “all for one, one for all”, he said.

“However, I cannot say “no” with certainty because one definitely does not know to what extent can someone provoke it. That is why the solution is for each country to join the EU. When we reach the Schengen conditions, then there are no borders,” said Zaev.

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