Initiators start collecting signatures for a referendum against the education reforms as of Tuesday


The citizens’ initiative “Textbooks and teaching must exist” through two regional units of the State Election Commission started collecting signatures for announcing a referendum against digitalization at the state level.

“The SEC accepted our request, and the collection of signatures has already started and is ongoing”, coordinator of this initiative Dragana Spasevska told Sloboden Pechat, adding that in the meantime, i.e. Wednesday, protests against digitalization will continue throughout Macedonia.

The collecting of signatures will last until Thursday in the regional office in Centar (for the municipalities of Centar and Aerodrom) in Skopje, as well as in the regional office of the SEC in Bitola for the municipalities of Bitola, Novaci and Mogila.

According to Spasevska, all other regional units of the SEC will be opened in the next phase, when they expect a positive outcome from the Parliament.

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