Dr. Panovski: The state experienced great shame with antibiotics, toxic drugs were given to healthy people


 People are starting to gather indoors, so far it is optimistic that the numbers are falling. There is some collective immunity, I’m surprised how quickly the third wave went down. Unfortunately, the death toll is falling very slowly. It is good that people do not gather indoors, told Dr. Nikola Panovski.

“I cannot find any other explanation than collective immunity. This spring wave was stronger, between 60 and 70% of people were in contact with the virus, especially young people. The state needed to see that people are treated too “creatively”, protocols are not respected, a written letter should be sent, one hospital in Skopje is prohibited from prescribing ivermectin, and another hospital should not give it to patients.

“The state embarrassed itself with the use of antibiotics, toxic drugs were given, banned, and there was no reaction, except for me and a few other doctors, drugs were given to healthy people. Other aspects need to be examined,” said Dr. Panovski.

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