VIDEO| No trace of the 700 construction workers on the


There is no trace of the 700 workers who were to work on the construction of the Kicevo-Ohrid highway.

The videos received by the Kurir editorial office are from the exit of Botun to the entrance of Izdeglavje, in which it is clear that there is not a single worker.

Today is a working day, and there is no work on this highway, which is of great importance for the country.

Will the construction of the Kichevo-Ohrid highway ever be completed?

This question was raised after the Minister of Transport announced an annex to the contract for extension of construction next month and even longer. When will we able to drive on the highway that has been under construction for seven years, will we find out in June?

Minister Bochvarski said that both the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Public Enterprise for State Roads are negotiating with contractors and creditors to extend the construction deadline, which according to the current annex expires next month and to date only 62% of the works on that section have been completed.


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