AVMS to Zaev: Public officials to refrain from views with strong doubts in the credibility of investigative journalistic stories


Regarding the statements of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in the interview for the weekly Fokus, related to the first episode of “Conspiracy against the Air” from the documentary series “Editorial Office” of the Research Reporting Laboratory (IRL), the Agency emphasizes that public office holders should refrain from the public expression of views that express doubts in the credibility of investigative journalistic stories, said in a statement the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

They say that investigative journalism is crucial in realizing the role of the media in uncovering and analyzing issues of public interest and serving as a correction to the authorities.

“In this context, journalists should not be discouraged, on the contrary, they should be encouraged to research various topics related to possible occurrences of corruption or abuse by institutions or individuals. If a stakeholder considers that the standards and principles of conduct set out in the journalistic codes are not respected, it can use the existing mechanisms and turn to the self-regulatory bodies,” noted the AVMS.


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