Zaev: I’m in favor of physical presence lessons starting September, we will consider shutdown or other measures if needed


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stated that he would prefer if the physical presence lessons in schools kick-off starting September- if the COVID-19 situation allows it, but that the Commission for Infectious Diseases is the one that has to decide on the issue.

Answering media questions after the opening of the first national Startup Summit, Zaev informed that on Monday at 9 am the Crisis Staff should hold a meeting to announce the details of the possible relaxation of measures regarding wedding restaurants and the possibility of attending the stands in halls and stadium.

“I have my own opinion about the schools. But, of course, the most important thing is what the situation will be at the end of August. However, I am personally in favor of physical presence education. I think we will have a stable situation and now when the numbers are reduced, should be a good basis for teaching with physical presence of pupils. If then there is a need, we will go with shutdown or other measures,” said Zaev.

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