Slaveski: The promised 5 percent annual GDP growth rate is reduced down to 0.7 percent in the past four years


At Tuesday’s panel discussion “Four years of Zaev, four years of stolen life. Enough is enough!” organized by VMRO-DPMNE, Trajko Slaveski, a member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC, also spoke about the bad policies of the government that had catastrophic consequences for the Macedonian economy.

“There is nothing wrong with implementing projects, even programs, but if they are in line with your ideological commitments, if you start from the most honest intentions. The intentions of SDSM were not honest, in the sense that their representatives, even when they were in opposition, criticized that allegedly with the introduction of the flat tax, which we introduced, the inequality in the Republic of Macedonia increased. On the contrary, according to the data of the World Bank published in their publications, the inequality in the distribution of income in the Republic of Macedonia measured according to the so-called GDP ratio decreased from 43% in 2007 to 34% in 2015. It is a completely opposite chain of events,” stressed Slaveski.

Slaveski pointed out that SDSM in the period when it was in opposition said that poverty increased with a flat tax. On the contrary, the poverty rate in the same period means 2007 – 2015 according to the World Bank is reduced by 5-6 percentage points.

Slaveski added that the Government promised 5% GDP growth each year but resulted in an average growth of 0.7% in four years.

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