Macedonia’s progress towards the EU should not be conditioned by the work of the joint commission


I think that Macedonia should be allowed to build its own historiography on its own. Because our attitude towards Goce Delchev is like one of the foundations of the Macedonian statehood. That foundation of Macedonian statehood should not be divisible. So Goce Delchev sacrificed, worked, fought and died for an independent Macedonia, says MP Antonio Miloshoski, also a member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee.

The former foreign minister pointed out that a systemic mistake was that the agreement allowed the two foreign ministers, the Macedonian and the Bulgarian, to have the final say on the joint commission.

“In my opinion, if the joint Macedonian-Bulgarian commission is allowed to work without pressure, if the work of the commission is not conditioned by Macedonia’s progress towards the EU, if it is not the preoccupation of Sofia-Skopje in their relations, then it can be allowed to they work, to have more exchange of students, information “, said Miloshoski.

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