Opposition leader receives a gift from the PM, funds for the renovation of a family house


The first parliamentary question posed by Dimitar Apasiev, MP and leader of the new party Levica, was a request to renovate the house in Veles owned by Apasiev’s family.

Although there are hundreds of houses like the Apasiev’s waiting in line for renovation with state money, few expected that the government would donate Dimitar Apsiev once again so quickly and efficiently, Vecer.mk reports.

After receiving the answer, at the end of last year, MP Apasiev did not inform the public about the reasons why he was only partially satisfied with the answer. But, after the announcement of the results of the Annual competitions for financing projects of national interest in culture for 2021, Dimitar Apasiev has reasons to be satisfied, although he still hides this information from the public.

In 2019, the government resolved the dispute over leadership in Levica between Dimitar Apasiev and Zdravko Savevski, according to the standard procedure for “non-interference of the Government in trials” decided that the leader of Levica is Dimitar Apasiev after which, symptomatically, since then Apasiev became the biggest critic of the most largest party in Parliament, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE and its leader Hristijan Mickoski.

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