MP Janushev: Prime Minister Zaev can not be trusted when talking about national interests


The claims that VMRO-DPMNE is blocking the Macedonian Parliament are absolutely incorrect, it is dysfunctional due to the slim majority that the government has, and the inability of the ruling parties SDSM and DUI to provide, says VMRO-DPMNE MP Igor Janushev, when asked why the party blocked the Parliament when HristijanMickoski and ZoranZaev agreed not to do so.

Janushev told Sitel TV that it was very wrong to claim that VMRO-DPMNE is blocking the Parliamentbecause of two laws that the government submitted to the Assembly and which are bad and harmful to the state and citizens, submitted amendments, and on the other hand hundreds of laws were passed.

“Putting the thesis that if the Government submits a bad law to the Parliament and harmful to the state and if VMRO-DPMNE submits amendments, it sets a blockade of the Parliament and on the other hand, crimes and huge corruption scandals occur every day. It is not true that VMRO-DPMNE is blocking the work of the Parliament. The main problem of the non-functioning of the Parliament is the thin majority, which is a problem of the majority, ie the inability of SDSM and DUI to provide it,” Janushev said.

He also referred to the current situation in relations with neighboring Bulgaria, emphasizing that the speculations that Prime Minister ZoranZaev accepts the declaration submitted by Bulgaria to the European Union are louder, which are extremely harmful to Macedonia and the Macedonian people.

“There is growing speculation that this Government, i.e.Zaev, accepts the Bulgarian declaration, i.e. most of the declaration, which is totally unacceptable for us, not only as VMRO-DPMNE but also for most of the Macedonian public,” Janushev said.


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