DUI plans to run with candidates in the local elections in municipalities where Albanians are not the majority  


Based on the results of the last parliamentary elections last year, when DUI had a significant number of votes in the municipalities with a majority of other ethnic groups, the party is considering the idea of ​​running with its candidates in these municipalities in the upcoming local elections in October, daily newspaper Sloboden Pechat has found out from party sources.

For the Albanian-majority municipalities, the possibility of cooperation with a party has not been excluded. So far there is no concrete decision, but as an idea it is being discussed.

University professor Bashkim Selmani thinks it is a good idea.

“Not only based on the votes received, but also because of the employments he has made, it is very likely that in the next local elections DUI will run in the municipalities where Albanians are not in the majority. SDSM based all political competition and victory on the Albanian electorate,” Selmani told Sloboden Pechat.

In the parliamentary elections on July 15, 2020, DUI had on its lists candidates for MPs and Macedonians, as was the case with the activist Meri Nikolovska. DUI currently has one member of the Turkish community in its parliamentary group, Ismail Jaoski, while the mayor of Plashnica, Alija Jaoski, who is a member of the Turkish community, is also a member of this party.

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