Historical Commission rejects the Bulgarian declaration, will Zaev do the same?


The historical fact-finding commission composed of Macedonian historians rejected the Bulgarian declaration which envisages unacceptable things for Macedonia. But everything that has happened in the past years has given us a realistic picture of what the Macedonian Prime Minister is capable of accepting, so now it is logical to ask ourselves whether Zaev will respect this position.

“There has always been the politicization of history or the ‘historization’ of politics in the Balkans, and that is one of the great shortcomings of our historiographies, and even in history textbooks certain persons and events from the past are always mythologized. Myths are made of them which are then politically abused. Our goal as a Commission is exactly that – to avoid the abuse of history for political purposes, because it has always been done in the Balkans. Our goal in making recommendations for improving textbooks is to give recommendations that will absolutely reduce to zero the politicization of certain persons, mythologizing, which are then used for daily political purposes,” says Dragi Gjorgiev, co-chair of the Joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission for historical and educational issues.

According to him, the definition of Goce Delchev by the governments is absolutely unacceptable.

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