Mickoski: Three years after taking photos on the plane, there is neither a date for EU negotiations, nor a better life


We are protesting with one goal, and that is to see what the Zaev-Buchkovski duo is negotiating, because so far there is general confusion in the public about what this duo is negotiating, and it is very important because of the information we receive from the diplomatic elections in Brussels, but also from official Sofia, they negotiate for everything they say they do not negotiate. And that is the identity, the culture, the uniqueness, the language, the heritage, the anti-fascist struggle, everything that they say they do not negotiate, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski.

“And it is very important for the public to know the truth, because somehow the word new agreement with Bulgaria, i.e. with Sofia, has become popular in the public. I really do not know how long it is necessary for ZoranZaev to sign capitulation agreements to the detriment of the Macedonian people, to the detriment of the Macedonian identity, but one thing is clear that neither what he has done so far, nor what he will do in the future, and how much The shorter that future, the better it will be for the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state. It will not bring better days, it will not bring a European perspective, it will not bring a better standard, nor a higher salary, cheaper electricity, less corruption and crime,” underlined Mickoski.

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