Milososki: There is no date, but there’s the photo of the “legendary” trio


In June 2018, the legendary photo appeared with which the Zaev-Bujar-Dimitrov-Angjushev quartet lied to the Macedonian citizens that a date for the start of the EU membership negotiations had been obtained, and today, three years later, the difference is that Angjushev is gone. There is no date, but here is the legendary photo of the trio, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski wrote on Facebook.

“Today in Sofia, the Zaev-Bujar-Dimitrov trio will try to relativize their own manipulation from 2018. And it will not be a surprise if they try to compensate for their inability by bargaining for the historical heritage of Macedonia, because yesterday SDSM MPs escaped from the foreign policy committee and did not want to comment on the proposed conclusions for the EU and Bulgaria,” Miloshoski wrote.


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