Mortality in Macedonia up by 26 percent compared to 2019


According to State Statistical Office data, North Macedonia registered 25,775 deaths in 2020, a 26% increase compared to 2019. Most people, 3,847, died in November.

The majority of the deceased, 13,914 or 54%, were male. The number of infant deaths was 108, while its participation in the total number of deaths was 0.4% (per 100 deaths).

The average age of fatalities, State Statistical Office data shows, was 71.6 years for males and 75.3 years for females, which means that women outlive men by 3.7 years on average.

Similar to previous years, most deaths were due to circulatory diseases (41.6%), neoplasms (15.2%), followed by deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic (10.9%), deaths due to respiratory system diseases (5.8%), deaths due endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (5.3%), deaths due to nervous system diseases (3.7%), and others with lower participation.

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