Poll: 89% do not mind Macedonian being the official language


The national survey conducted by the respective American International Republican Institute (IRI) in Macedonia focused on the local elections. Voter sentiment for local authorities was measured. They received very bad grades which they will try to correct by October. Practically at the local level, the entire government is almost one hundred percent distributed between SDSM and DUI.

But there is other important data in that extensive research that is not just bare figures, percentages, or dry statistics. National, local and party policies should be built from them.

There are two important questions in the research that are related to the use of languages. The first is: “What language do you use at a level necessary to be able to study or work?”

As many as 89 percent of the respondents said that it is the Macedonian language, then with 28 percent it is Albanian, identical percent said for the Serbian / Croatian / Bosniak. English is also highly rated – as many as 23 percent said they can study or work in that language. It is followed by Turkish – 7, German – 6 and Roma with 3 percent, they added from the weekly.

The survey was conducted on a nationally representative sample of more than 1,200 respondents. 69 percent were Macedonians and 26 percent Albanians.

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