Health Minister says no additional restrictions being considered due to Indian COVID-19 variant


He COVID-19 situation in North Macedonia is pretty stable, as evidenced by the small number of new cases and hospitalized patients, Health Minister VenkoFilipche said Monday.

He added that stakeholders are not considering additional restrictions, as the risk has significantly lowered.

According to the official data of the World Health Organization (WHO), the strain of the coronavirus B.1.617 was discovered on October 5, 2020 in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and recently a case of infection with this so-called “Indian strain” was identified in more countries in the world. According to Indian medical experts, this strain is probably one of the reasons for the second wave of coronavirus epidemics in India. Authorities in Russia, Portugal and the United Kingdom also believe that the sharp rise in the number of infections in these countries is due to this variant of the virus.

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