Budget Review starting July 1 in the Parliament


The debate on the Budget Review in the Parliament will start on July 1, when the session of the parent Committee on Finance and Budget is scheduled.

The key segments of the proposed supplementary budget adopted by the Government and sent to the Parliament are the increase of capital investments and the continuation of the support for the economy.

With this review, according to the proposer, the priorities until the end of 2021 will be focused on dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, by increasing the volume of investments by directly supporting the activities of companies, creating new jobs through active employment measures, and support and development of micro, small and medium enterprises. The commitment to support the economy by investing in infrastructure projects, redesigning the structure of public finances through increased participation in capital expenditures, as well as strengthening the process of planning, execution and reporting on public finances remains.

Revenues are projected at the level of 222.6 billion denars and are 4.7 percent higher than the initial Budget for 2021 year, which, according to the proposer is due to the good realization of revenues from the beginning of the year. Expenditures are planned at the level of 268.8 billion denars or 8.6 percent more than the initial budget. The deficit is positioned in the amount of 46.2 billion denars, or 6.5 percent of GDP.

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