Stoilkovski: Everything will become more expensive due to the regime’s wastefulness, anything else is a lie


Everything will be more expensive! Increasing the tariffs for oil and fuels and the announced drastic increase in the price of electricity is the worst economic decision that can be made, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at today’s press conference.

“SDSM with a massive blow to the citizens. It hits farmers, taxi drivers, transporters, the processing industry, the economy, all households, retirees. Everything will be more expensive! Such a drastic increase in the price of fuels and electricity, in a period of economic recession and already visible inflation, will increase the prices of everything, but literally everything, food, bills, transportation, agricultural products, prices of clothes, prices of everything. These announced price increases are neither the first nor the only ones during the rule of the SDSM regime. Oil with the new increase of duties of 3.5 denars for the so-called environmental tax, as a fraud for the empty budget and the increase of VAT on that basis, the total oil is increased by 14.06 denars only for duties that will be paid by citizens for taxes, excises, fees and margins per liter of fuel. These 14.06 denars were not paid before the arrival of the SDSM regime in Macedonia. Let me remind you that last year the electricity was already more expensive by 7.42%, and for this year a new additional double-digit increase is announced. Zoran Zaev does not return the money to the citizens. Zoran Zaev increases all possible prices, taxes, fees, margins and excises paid by citizens. Tenders for their companies are going on, state-owned companies are losing money, citizens are getting poorer, and the government is becoming more luxurious,” Stoilkovski said.


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