We need a declaration that will be cosmopolitan and that will defend national interests, says Gjorchev


Marjan Gjorchev, strategic partner of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and advisor to the party in an interview on “24 Analysis” spoke about the relations and problems between Bulgaria and Macedonia and pointed out that it is necessary to create a platform that will know which is the essence of Macedonia in relation to Bulgaria.

“We need to sit down and make a platform that is the essence of our relationship with Bulgaria, in my opinion the security and safety aspect of the region to be safe. Macedonia has a strong ally, since 2007 it has a declaration of strategic partnership with the United States, it is our strongest supporter not only now. So we have a strong supporter and on that basis of a safe region, a safe region, a region where the rule of law, a region where we fight organized crime, corruption, to build such an approach to the Republic of Bulgaria, and this other which is bilateral to upgrade the dispute with the help of what is a European, to refer to what we have done in the Western Balkans,” Gjorchev said in the interview.

Gjorchev pointed out that a declaration should be made that will defend national interests, and on the other hand will be effective in what is a concept of NATO and the EU.

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