Politico: Everyone is upset by Bulgaria’s attitude, it is losing friends with great speed


Brussels-based Politico wrote that after yesterday’s meeting of the General Affairs Council, at which Sofia again put a blockade on Macedonia, Bulgaria is isolated. In an article titled “Forget Enlargement, Bulgaria Keeps Saying,” several diplomats told Politico that Sofia continued to block the first intergovernmental conference because of domestic historical policies that no one understood.

“Everyone is upset by Bulgaria’s attitude towards North Macedonia,” a diplomat told Politico. “It is incomprehensible, indefensible and destabilizes the Western Balkans.” Bulgaria is losing friends at a rapid pace. “Fortunately, the country cannot afford this in the long run.”

“Politico” writes: “Many have intervened, both in the region and beyond, from large and small countries, north and south, citing geopolitics, strategic thinking and the simple fact that they intend to keep their word to both countries as reasons why these talks should take place. Of course, it all fell on Bulgaria’s deaf ears. Thus, Germany’s EU Minister Michael Roth, took to Twitter in the hope that the public request will help. (Spoiler alert: No.) ‘Please. Let bilateral issues be dealt with bilaterally, without blocking the EU from moving forward,” Roth said. “Think strategically” we have no interest in leaving a strategic vacuum there. Thank you’.

Obviously, Bulgaria’s way of thinking is not strategic.

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