Macedonia gained nothing after three years of the agreement with Greece, but lost its name and now has a blockade from Bulgaria for EU talks


I think that Macedonia is in the abyss, but according to all the information that every citizen knows, they say that what is happening in the country is only deepening. The situation in Macedonia is getting worse, said analyst LjubomirCuculovski, commenting on the situation in the country and the recent situation with the blockade by Bulgaria for Macedonia’s start of negotiations with the EU.

“Things are known, but it is being covered up. Then there is the incredible frustration of Bulgarian intellectuals, so I’m not talking about the Bulgarian people. For many Bulgarian politicians, historians and intellectuals, there is a general frustration between the play and what is real. This is one of the answers to the situation with Bulgaria,” Cuculovski said.

The professor also referred to three years after thePrespa Agreement with Greece.

“Macedonia got a big kick and it is still where it was, only without a name or it is worse. It is important for me to build the country, then it follows whether we will enter the EU. It is important to have the values. The agreement took us away from Europe, and we lost the country’s name,” the professor said.

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