The letter from Sofia has a “positive and negative” side, claims Osmani


I see the letter from the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev as defining the roadmap which is one of the three elements for concluding the solution that will open Macedonia’s negotiations with the European Union, said on Saturday Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, commenting on the letter which Bulgarian diplomacy released on Friday.

Osmani said that the purpose of the visit to Sofia on June 17 was to define the roadmap that should be included in the European proposal.

“There should be a solution, a roadmap and a decision to start negotiations. There is no agreement if any of these elements are missing,” Osmani said.

He considers that the letter he received has “one positive and one negative side”.

“A positive side of this letter I received yesterday,” Osmani said, “is that the letter states that all the proposals given are acceptable. Because when you ask the Republic of North Macedonia to fulfill these obligations, it means you agree this is the solution. But the negative side is that it came after the summit,” Osmani said.

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