Zero roaming with Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and BiH starting July 1


Starting Thursday, July 1, the prices for mobile calls but also for roaming will be reduced to zero denars, ie prices as if the user is at home among all countries in the Western Balkans.

After July 1, mobile call tariffs if a Macedonian user is in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo or Bosnia and Herzegovina will cost the same as if he had crossed the border, i.e. as they are tariffed in the country under his existing agreements with mobile operators . It is even more important that when crossing the border you will not have to turn off the internet button, because roaming or internet will be used at the same prices as in the home country.

The decision to abolish roaming in the Western Balkans came as a result of almost a year of negotiations facilitated by the Regional Cooperation Council and the European Union, after which the representatives of the governments of all six economies in the Western Balkans signed an agreement in April 2019 and agreed to first gradually reduce roaming prices, then to be abolished from July 1, 2021, and immediately ready to start working intensively on zero roaming tariffs between the Western Balkan countries and the EU.

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