Bishevac: Macedonia with Zaev is a failed country


 What Bulgaria is doing is a realization of the Bulgarian dream for a Greater Bulgaria, said analyst Safet Bishevac in an interview on a political show on TV 24, commenting on Bulgaria’s blockade on the start of Macedonia’s negotiations with Brussels.

According to Bishevac, the distrust towards Zoran Zaev is justified.

“There is nothing of what Zaev said and fulfilled. He continuously lied, swore, and sold everything starting with the Prespa Agreement. Here we are, a member state of NATO and investments were supposed to come, but there is nothing of it. We’ve hit rock bottom. Zaev proved to be only an executor of the influential countries,” Bishevac said.

What is happening now is far from what Zaev promised before coming to power, adds Bishevac.

“Zaev promised justice and peace, but there is nothing of that either, the second thing is he said that there will be investments, and there are no investments here. This is a failed country in all aspects, there are no passports, ID cards, license plates,” Bishevac noted.

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