Three scenarios for the next school year, Carovska expects schools to fully reopen


The Ministry of Education and Science has prepared three scenarios for the next school year depending on the epidemiological situation, including full reopening of schools in line with health protocols, which is the most favored scenario by the government, Education Minister Mila Carovska said on Monday.

“It’s up to the Commission for Infectious Diseases to decide, but we all expect the situation to remain stable over the summer and in September,” Carovska told reporters during the inauguration of a new sports hall at an elementary school in the village of Volkovo.

The Education Ministry, she added, is prepared to enforce two other scenarios – a hybrid model of in-person and online classes, as well as a system of rotation for students to attend school in person every other week.

“The Ministry of Education together with the local self-government and school principals will be ready for all three scenarios by September 1. However, we expect and want to see full reopening of schools, in line with health protocols,” said Carovska.

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