Gruevska-Madzoska: To say that the Macedonian language was Bulgarian, you should be very uneducated


Professor Simona Gruevska-Madzoska from the Institute for Macedonian Language Krste Misirkov reacts to the statement of the Portuguese representative in the EU Ana Paula Zacarias who said Tuesday that the ‘North Macedonian language’ was once part of the Bulgarian language.

“To say that the Macedonian language was once Bulgarian, you should be very uneducated, because the history and origin of the languages ​​are known to all literate people. But why there is no harsher reaction from our government and how long we will suffer these humiliations from the EU is the question,” Gruevska Madzoska wrote about the diplomat and further explained that Macedonia is suffering the consequences of the Prespa Agreement.

North Macedonian language and North Macedonians – this is a result of the Prespa Agreement. To call ourselves Macedonian at home and only for things related to the Macedonian people, and not to the state, that is why we are citizens of NM. This means that the state does not belong to the Macedonian people. How far are we with ASNOM and the Constitution?, adds Gruevska-Madzoska.

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