Government prepares state prosecutor Joveski for a constitutional judge


Ljubomir Joveski, State Public Prosecutor, will be the new constitutional judge. Joveski is one of the three favorites of the government, a senior government official confirmed for TV24.

According to the official, Joveski accepted to replace the prosecutor’s chair with a chair in the Constitutional Court. He is the second candidate after Fatmir Skender to be nominated by a majority in parliament by the end of the month.

Joveski, who is officially absent from the country, told TV24 that the election of a constitutional judge if he receives the support of MPs would be a great challenge.

“It is an honor to be a constitutional judge and that is the highest achievement of any lawyer. The decision is made by the MPs and if they consider that with my many years of legal experience in the Ministry of Justice, as a judge and as President of the Basic Court Skopje 2, public prosecutor, member of the Council of Public Prosecutors and state public prosecutor, I can contribute to the work of I will accept this responsible position in the Constitutional Court,” Joveski told TV24.

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