Constitution recognizes sex, not gender – parents criticize the proposed reforms in education


The concept is something that gives the right to Minister of Education Mila Carovska to push the reforms that are not good at all and for which we laugh that they are by no means something good. We do not want what the Minister announces in this conception, to enter the school desks, said Dragana Spasevska, coordinator of the initiative “There must be teaching and textbooks” on Alfa TV.

Namely, the conception is guided by three principles. What are those three principles? So it leads to inclusiveness, gender sensitivity and interculturalism. Well, now if anyone hears these words they will say that there is nothing wrong with that. However, we have terms that are not known to us, to the public. What is gender sensitivity? We in the Constitution are divided into sexes, we are not divided by gender,” Spaevska said

Spasevska added that the minister insisted that reforms must be implemented in education.

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