Operation starts to clean up lindane at OHIS landfill in Skopje


Works were kicked off Tuesday to clean up a small landfill, contaminated with lindane and its isomers, located in the defunct factory OHIS in Skopje.

“This activity is being launched to eliminate a hotspot threatening the environment in our country,” Minister of Environment and Physical Planning NaserNuredini said marking the start of works to remove lindane from OHIS’s small landfill.

A total of 700,000 tons of contaminated soil at the landfill will be cleaned up.

The project will be implemented following state-of-the-art technologies and standards, said the representatives of Polieco, the company engaged to complete the cleanup works.

Works will involve setting up a specialized tent at the location. All activities will take place in closed space in order to protect the surrounding environment and the public from all kinds of risks.

Specialized filtration units will be installed. Also, all workers will be provided with respiratory protection equipment.

Waste or contaminated soil will not be treated at the location itself. Contaminated soil will be packed in UN-approved containers and exported to France and the Netherlands, in line with the Basel Convention, national and EU regulations, where waste will be eliminated.

A program on continuous monitoring of the environment will be active throughout the works.

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