Anti-Corruption Commission calls on Pendarovski not to sign bill into Law on Corridors – says it represents high risk for corruption and conflict of interest


State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) called on President Stevo Pendarovski not to sign the proposed law tailor made to give exclusive right to the US Bechtel company to build several key highways in Macedonia.

Biljana Ivanovska of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption calls on the President not to sign the bill into law, but if he does, the matter will go to the Constitutional Court. “DKSK will use all tools at disposal in the system and will not give up,” Ivanovska vowed.

According to SCPC’s opinion analyzing the legislation, it violates the Constitution-guaranteed freedom of market and entrepreneurship and the state’s obligation to provide equal legal standing of all entities in the market and is against the state’s obligation to take measures against market monopoly.

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