SDSM to gather proposals for the local elections from the citizens door-to-door


SDSM starting Saturday will begin with a new phase of intensive field activities, SDSM goes door to door, in front of the homes of our fellow citizens. Teams in each municipal organization, party officials and members will visit every home, every family, to talk about what has been done, but also to hear their needs, said Martin Popov, organizational secretary of the party at a press conference.

“Together, with the citizens, we are creating the best program offer of SDSM for the local elections. An offer for the citizens, which will improve the quality of life in every settlement, in every municipality. The proposals, comments and requests that we receive at the neighborhood and urban meetings, at the civic debates, at the meetings with the target groups, we are already systematizing and analyzing. We will act in the same way with the proposals that will reach through the door-to-door project,” said Popov.

He informed that in less than a month his party held over 750 neighborhood and urban meetings, 12 large civic tribunes and that they are present among the citizens in every municipality, in every neighborhood, and in every street.


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