Former Justice Minister Manevski criticizes Organized Crime Prosecutor Ruskovska


The drug bosses fled with the money, the dealerscut a deal with symbolic punishments, if it were a stone it would have melted by the injustices, wrote former Minister of Justice and councilor in the City of Skopje MihajloManevski on Facebook.

In March, they broke the “Mountain” case, which was conducted with special measures against drug bosses and high-ranking criminals from Grcec and Gazi Baba.

The top seven drug lords and bosses were notified in time and ‘fled’ with the loot and money. “There are crumbs and dealers who now, instead of being punished, have cut a deal with the state for symbolic punishments, which look morelike a reward,” Manevski asked in his social media post.

He reminds that four months have passed in which police officers were interrogated, but so far there is no result for the “holes” in the Ministry of Interior.

“You will not even discover them, because they are in front of you, behind you, around you, above you,” says Manevski and tells Ruskoska not to embarrass herself.

The former justice minister also criticizes prosecutor Ruskoska for being involved in “rigged trials” against former officials of the now-opposition VMRO-DPMNE, as well as successful businessmen racketeered by the ruling SDSM and DUI parties, calling her a “selective prosecutor”.

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