PM Zaevin favor of postponing local elections for October 31, Parliament Speaker Xhaferisupports legal date of October 17


Prime Minister ZoranZaev announced on Tuesday that he would seek the consent of the parties to hold local elections in the country on October 31st, in order to avoid their coincidence with the population and household census, which would practically mean postponing the elections given that which Parliament SpeakerTalatXhaferi previously announced that according to the Constitution the elections should be held on October 17th.

Zaev’s proposal for the local elections to be held on October 31, the parties are waiting for a statement

“We have a reason for postponing the elections, and that is certainly the census that will be conducted in September, and we do not want the campaign to coincide with it, and of course the reason is the pandemic of the postponement. So if that is not changed by law, the polls should be by October 17th, and we will have the campaign coincide with the Census. The proposal dominated by the parties is to be October 31, if they agree and it will be incorporated in the Electoral Code,” Zaev said Tuesday.

According to the Electoral Code, regular elections should be called in the last 90 days of the term of the current mayors and councilors, but not more than 70 days before the end of their term.

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