Katica Janeva to request prison sentence postponement


Former Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva will request a postponement of her seven-year prison sentence, her legal team announced after the Court of Appeals upheld the first instance court verdict in the “Racket” case Wednesday. With such a decision of the Appellate Court, which, in addition to Janeva, confirmed the prison sentence for Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, which made the verdict final.

Janeva’s lawyer Irena Frchkoska told Fokus.mk that they will submit an extraordinary legal remedy to the Supreme Court, but also that when they receive the referral act, they will request a postponement of serving a prison sentence. However, Frchkoska still cannot say on what basis they will request a postponement because they have not yet officially received a verdict and the news of the decision was heard by the media.

According to the procedure, the Appellate Court should submit the verdict to the Criminal Court, and the judge for execution of sanctions should send a referral act to the convicts on when to start serving the prison sentence. They have the right to submit an extraordinary legal remedy to the Supreme Court, which will not delay the serving of the prison sentence, and after receiving the referral act, they have the right to request a postponement of the serving of the prison sentence.

Both were sentenced to house arrest, and the Criminal Court announced a statement on the procedure for serving a prison sentence specifically for this case.

The Criminal Court in Skopje sentenced Jovanovski aka Boki 13 to nine years in prison for taking bribes and money laundering, and former special prosecutor Katica Janeva to seven years in prison for abuse of office.

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