International drug trafficking channel cut off – 150,000 euros worth of marijuana seized, five arrested  


As of last month, the Criminal Police Department and the Department for the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime conducted an investigation aimed at persons involved in organizing international marijuana transport from the Republic of Albania through the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Greece, and the organizer of the criminal group involved in international marijuana transport is an M.A. (50) from Gevgelija.

During the investigation, information and data were received that these persons in the period from 19.07.2021 will organize the transfer of a large amount of marijuana from Albania to Struga and then to Gevgelija, in order to transport it to Greece. On 22.07.2021, I.K. (37) from Gevgelija, Z.B. (52) from the village of Grchishte, Valandovo and DS (27) from the village of Marvinci with an “Opel Vectra” vehicle with Gevgelija license plates headed to the village. Jankovec-Resen, where they had a meeting with D.D. (38) from the village of Livata, Struga, who arrived with an Opel Vectra with Resen license plates, and with which D.D. he also brought previously secured marijuana. That vehicle was taken over by D.S. and he headed from the village of Jankovec in the direction of Gradsko, and I.K. and Z.B. with the vehicle with Gevgelija license plates they drove in front of him posing as cleaners.

After the undertaken measures and activities, on 22.07.2021 at around 16:35 the two vehicles were stopped by police officers from OKP, OSOSK and OSPO-SAE Tiger, during which three vehicles were found in the trunk of the vehicle driven by D.S. bags with 54 packages of marijuana, which according to initial estimates has a market value of about 150,000 euros, after which all were arrested.

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