Naumovski: State Department tells Government instead of announcing to take concrete measures against corruption


Sharp reactions follow from the professional circles in Macedonia after the catastrophic report of the US State Department, which undoubtedly confirms that corruption reigns in the country, and for university professor and former ambassador to the USA VaskoNaumovski it is worrying that the report states that the US companies present on the Macedonian market have noted corruption and poor working conditions.

“All of these reports from the US administration essentially point to the shortcomings of the investment climate in this case. This way, a message is sent that the United States is seriously concerned about the growing corruption in the country, which harms not only the attraction of foreign investments, but also the overall progress of the country,” said Professor Naumovski.

The government justified itself yesterday that it is working dedicatedly in the fight against corruption, but the professor is decisive that it is one thing when it comes to talking, and quite another when it comes to working in practice. He says that shortcomings, such as corruption, are part of the remarks of the European Commission, which means that the Government will have to sincerely commit to this field if it wants to demonstrate concrete results.

“It is always necessary for the declarative announcements to be realized in reality as well. It is one thing to talk only about the fight against corruption, and quite another when concrete results will be demonstrated. The US report essentially says there is a lack of results. We as citizens, as well as the companies that want to invest here, will not benefit from the declarative announcements for fight against corruption,” Naumovski added.


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