Nuredini: It’s time to join forces and implement the UNESCO recommendations


“I’m glad that Lake Ohrid and the region will retain its status and we’ll have time to complete the protection of this magnificent natural and cultural world heritage, but this also means additional responsibility,” Environment Minister NaserNuredini said in an address at the 44th session in of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee taking place at the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

Now it’s the time, he stressed to join forces and to make sure that we don’t find ourselves in such situation in the future.

Nuredini thanked the UNESCO Committee for recognizing the efforts and approving the amendment, which secures more time for completing obligations and meeting the recommendations.

“Special thanks to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia for their support as well as to the delegations of China, Saudi Arabia, Hungary and Spain. Also, I thank the officials of Australia and Norway for their friendly advice,” said Nuredini.

The Minister called on all stakeholders, the private sector, local authorities and the civil society to cooperate and contribute to protecting the lake and its region.


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