Only 0.02% of those fully vaccinated contracted COVID-19


Out of 330,320 people who have received a complete COVID-19 vaccine course, 96 tested positive for the coronavirus after receiving the second dose.

“It means that a mere 0.02% were infected with COVID-19, which proves how important it is for people to get vaccinated,” the Ministry of Health said.

Of the 96, 56 were infected less than 21 days since getting the vaccine booster. Only 13 of those were admitted to hospital with two of currently being hospitalized.

“There are no deaths reported among fully vaccinated patients,” said the Ministry.

According to recent data, 62% of the population over 70 has received at least one shot; 59% of people over 65 has received at least one shot; 55% of over 60s has received at least one

Macedonia recently has introduced walk-in vaccination across the country as well as on-the-ground vaccination in rural areas. The Pfizer vaccine has been also offered to children aged 12-17.

On Saturday, the Health Ministry announced that in-home vaccination starts this Monday for homebound persons who due to health reasons cannot visit a vaccination site to get a shot.

Macedonian citizens also get vaccinated en masse in neighboring Serbia. So far, as many as 12,006 Macedonian nationals have been vaccinated in Vranje with the first dose, and 9,392 received their second dose.

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