Arsovski: The verdict for ‘April 27’ is based on Ninja’s testimony – a man with a long criminal record


While Zoran Zaev is in power, until then justice will not live in the Republic of Macedonia. Today’s decision of the court is a timed and planned verdict that aims to create fear among the political enemies of Zoran Zaev and completely destroys democracy in the country. Additionally, while political enemies are punished with unfounded verdicts, as is the case today, Zaev’s government defocuses the public from its own crimes and corruption in which SDSM and DUI officials are drowning, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski said  Monday.

He said that such a verdict is nothing but a continuation of the government’s practice of playing with someone’s life, in the case of persons who proved innocent in the proceedings, and the court bases the verdict only on the testimony of a man with a long criminal record who according to the expertise proved that he was not present at all at the place he testified.

Arosvski stressed that the judges and prosecutors who serve Zaev should know that the time will soon come when they will have to answer for all such decisions.


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