Mickoski: We will move the institutions to those places across the country where there will be the greatest need and importance, we will develop the whole of Macedonia


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at Sunday’s forum ‘Macedonia for all’ in Ohrid presented a new reform that has not been made or proposed by any political party, and that is decentralization of institutions.

As Mickoski said in front of the audience, this new reform will be implemented in all municipalities in Macedonia, and with the fact that state institutions and bodies will be moved to other municipalities, such as the Ministry of Culture and cultural state institutions in Ohrid, so will find the place of everything where it is important and so the whole country will develop.

“The second thing I want to talk about is institutional decentralization. It is a major reform that VMRO-DPMNE will undertake and it will not be overnight, it may take more time, it may take more years, but once and for all we have to start and find the place for everything where it would be most important and worthy. Ohrid is, as I said, does not only belong to Macedonia, Ohrid also belongs to the whole world, and it is the cultural capital, as our Great Jerusalem said, and all state cultural institutions and administrations should be located here, and finally the Ministry of Culture, this is called institutional decentralization, the institutions where they belong. Culture and its ministry should be here in Ohrid,” said Mickoski.

“This will be a serious reform, this will be a reform that the people of Ohrid deserve in culture, in every municipality the citizens will get a decentralized state institution, to develop everywhere in Macedonia, to develop every inch of Macedonian soil. This is the place of culture, here in Ohrid and all administrations and all institutions will be transferred here and in the end will be the Ministry of Culture itself, institutional decentralization,” said Mickoski.

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